art thats for sure

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titled "junk" not bc i hate it (some of it i do but am putting here anyways because i think everything i make is bad anyways so i might as well roll with it. i work myself up too much about making something thats aesthetically pleasing and not enjoying my life creating) but because these are copious amounts of unpolished [digital] works not 2 b shown on the main page.

most of these are drawn on my comPUUUTTerr instead of my phone which i normally draw on. mainly in firealpaca with shitty trackpad and no life late in the night or when im bored. i frequently experiment with colors and blend modes and try not to care about things i usually die about like the face or anatomical accuracy

  • all art is by me. pls dont use it at all. i dont use watermarks because i just dont but this is MY thing and you CANNOT have it KEKK!!!!
  • background 1 - extremely talented yuhiro nagashige
  • sozaioukoku


experimental, sketchy art of vocaloid kagamine rin with saturated but low contrast colors

august 15, 2023 - kagamine rin experiment. rough sketchy lines contrasting with mellow, saturated but low contrast colors. blue eyes capture eyes. interlocking ko print overlayed on top and default vine brush used for goofy strokes of hair

back and white sketchy girl with blueish photomashed background

september 9, 2023 - cover for one of my spotify playlists. i like this one a lot for some reason

green-toned character holding hand up to viewer with long text illustrating a conversation about an artist intentions over an orange background

september 24, 2023 - i like the colors on this one

js paint black and white drawing of girl with long hair posing in low position

october 5, 2023 - rio

character standing in front of body of water, overarching branch of golden leaves and rocks behind them

october 29, 2023 - a drawing inspired by the bike ride i took the day before i finished this. meant to capture how beautiful it felt. i drew this on my phone tho and my fat fingers attempt at capturing any sort of delicacy or warmth turns out shit oopss

sayaka miki from madoka magica in a sunny afternoon atmosphere with leaves casting shadows on her, attempted study from memory

november 3-4, 2023 - an attempt at capturing that translucency of leaves when theyre in sun just from memories of beautiful sights. the girl is supposed to be sayaka miki but everytime i draw sayaka she just looks like a miscellaneous girl with short blue hair :(. kinda ugly but its ok. i love her anyways. did most of this 11/3 but added extra details and fixed up the face a bit 11/4 (dithered because it dig it + file size reduction)

3d chiyu 12 sai dancing