reference art of angel
name angel cartier
ethnicity french jamacian
height 5'10
name angel cartier

he seems like an intimidating person/asshole cause of his resting bitch face and his habbit of assuming the worst of someone and just general disstain for meeting new people, but hes actually ok and a nice person generally. still, he prefers time by himself or with his close friends. he puts on a toughish demeanor, enjoying his photography, art, and music hobbies in private. he finds comfort in spending time with himself; going on walks at night, in his room doing...things, etc, as he claims no one cares about what he wants to do (emo fuck)

angels very artistically driven & stubbon in what he wants. he makes decisions quickly ands always firm in his stance. while he hates confrontation and arguments, when hes in one, he has to win. this makes him sooooooooooo obsurdly easy to annoy/tease. this part of him is easily taken advantage of :)c

hes also incredibly unmotivated half the time. hell never do something he doesnt want to do, both a blessing and a curse. not that he procrastinates much--hes a hardass worker when hes determined to finish something--but its his overpowering lack of interest in much that makes him seem lazy.


as much as they play up their hatred between each other & 80% of their time with each other consists of purely banter, i imagine deep inside, angel actually enjoys each his company. if u want to take their dynamic as friendship or queerbait or absurd amounts of heavily implied homosexuality its up to you


very good buddies is the best way to describe it. theyre very genuine each other.


close friends since beginning of middle school i imagine. angel allows himself to break down his barriers and lets out his sensitive side with her especially.


he finds her annoying as fuck all the time. but its sibling shit