first released in japan by bandai on november 23, 1996, tamagotchi is a handheld digital pet created by akihiro yokoi and aki maita. they are egg-shaped keychains with a lcd screen and three buttons at the bottom which serves as the toy's simple control system. the toy quickly gained popularity in the late 90's and early 2000's, becoming synonymous with that era and has cemented itself in culture as being one of the classic virtual pet toys. as of june 2023, over 93 million have been sold.

the name is a portmanteau of the japanese words "tamago", egg, for the toy's eggshell-like appearance, and "uotchi"; meaning watch, due to the original concept of the toy being meant to be worn like a watch (though it can also be interpreted as referring to how you need to "watch over" and take care of your tamagotchi often i guess lolll)

tamagotchi are explained to be a small alien race that deposited into earth in an egg to see what life was like, and its now up to you to take care of them.

even since the explosive popularity of tamagotchis fizzled out, they are still around today and many online communities still bond over their pixel egg pets!




Tamagotchi 1997

2017 rerelease
electric blue, silver doodles

this is technically the second tamagotchi ive owned but the first working one ive ever had! it was given as a gift by my friend and its awesome and i love it ☺☺☺

no one told me owning one would make me wanna kill myself this bad tho lol. i was very inexperienced going in (i didnt read the instruction manual...), and it led to much frustration and confusion.

after my first ever adult pet, takotchi (the worst evo you can get with a set lifespan of three days loll) died, i finally looked up some tutorials on how to actually take care of a tama. since school started i had to keep my guy on silence + out of view from teachers, disciplining him was nearly impossible!

ive learned though, and while ive had some technical difficulties (battery had a weird freak out and reset, i lost progress on a really well trained teen!!!) im hoping ill get the best evo and help it live a happy life in the future ^__^

this is my first and only working tama atm~

Acquired Adults

Tamagotchi Connection

magenta, pink, & orange swirls
scarlet orange
malibu blue

the first tamagotchi ive ever seen in real life. randomly one day, i saw it just lying there on the dining room table. like a magical wish-granting fairy barged in & fucking plopped in on the table one day. the creepiest/weirdest thing about it too is that id been thinking about how much i wanted a tama recently too!!

as you can see, the shell has some stickers on it. on the back, it used to have some spelling out "mary" but i took them off because...my name isnt mary. i think this was aqquired second hand by my parents at some point in time.

when i got my 1997 tama, it finally came to me how large the connections are, yet its seems to be a bit thinner.

ive heard connection versions are worth a lot sooo ill keep this guy safe. owning 2 working tamagotchis sounds like a pain to take care of, especially when i got to school 6 hours a day, so i probably wont get a battery for this dude until im freer. for now, its only function is looking cool hanging form my wall.

Acquired Adults


*wil make cool later*

want (for real)

  • tamagotchi angel

    white, blue★, or pink shell

    i like the shells (the angel wings r so cute!) and love the concept of raising a tama after it died.

ones with pretty shells

tamas i dont want but think the shells r pretty

  • sakura, cyoi pink entama. but this tamas gameplay is particularly laborous so for a lazy busy person ill skip