Dream journal

welcome to my curious dream journal! ill write up a summary of every dream have that i can remember to a reasonable degree. i dont really know the scale for which to calculate and rate my level of weirdness i experience in my sleepstate but it gets random as fuck sometimes

note: these are all written in notesapp immediately after i dream of them, and most will remain in rough shape unless i decide to thoroughly edit them; fix grammar + phrasing, whatever. i also have trouble explaining/articulating things so it might be a confusing read.


why i decided 2 start logging my dreams? im not sure. ive been aware of the concept of a dream journal ever since attending my first scholastic in-school bookfair existed and seeing those $7 journals with "my dream journal" scrawled in that cursive brush type and a background of a moon with golden speckles and a purple pink gradient with constellations in the background. i just thought it be fun i think ☺

what i dream about the most

mostly its about whatever im doing during that time. i.e. if im coding a lot ill dream of something around me coding. i also dream up a lot of fake kid show or movie esque things. the people in my dreams are always from school (i dream a lot about school) and its fucking annoying. people from my old school pop out from no where!!! i hate it !!!! i also sometimes dream of idealistic scenarios, situations id never really want or are even possible, but im happy in those dreams.

all my dreams are pretty vivid but when i wake up i often have trouble recounting them. its like trying to clutch sand, but it escapes from the space between the gaps in your fingers and places your hands just cant cover anyways...

september 16, 2023

this dream was like a fucking movie bruh. its one of the first dreams ive had in a while and fuck it was long. i remember waking up between these dreams and then falling asleep right after i gained semi-conciousness cause even in my half-awake state i knew this dream was beautiful.

it started with one of my friends brothers....??? (yes, your brother, ur reading this. yes. i dont know why) winning a competition hosted by a local ice cream place. the competition was to take a picture of you in front of their store and the best picture won i guess. his picture was him with his hair in an impossibly perfect small little nub of a bun. he was doing a peace sign with his hands or something in front of a blue wall. the image was edited to have some text that was vaguely positive. he had a shit eating grin in the photo and the tone of it was clearly kinda ironic.

then the dream shifted to an arcade environment. me, the same friend's brother and a miscellaneous group of people were playing this "milk jumping game". the game's screen was cut in half and it was sort of a competition between the two players. you were this character on a pogo stick and you would jump on these white orbs. as you made contact with them they would sort of shrink or morph with orbs below it and form an even bigger orb. you would slowly go down the screen by jumping through the orbs. i wasnt even playing, i just remember watching. the style of the game was a very like...cutesy, childesh style.

then some more arcade related stuff happened, but all thats a blur.

theres this one scene i remember vividly. me trying to outrun this guy who was chasing me. it wasnt high stakes, more out of annoyance he was following me. i rememeber this sequence where i was running through what looked like a flea market but still looked like an arcade with the purple lighting and bright flashing lights all over (weird). eventually i stopped when i ran up this small set of stairs that was close to this food court or dining area looking thing and looked down to see the guy. he was in a light blue flannel, had glasses, a beard, and a buzzcut. i think his name was fernando. apparently he was my boyfriend.

despite that weird sequence when i was trying to run away from him, i spent the rest of this portion of the dream being happy and playing arcade games with him. i dont have a boyfriend. fernando doesnt even remotely resemble anyone i know in real life. the closest thing i can associate this with is i was thinking of giving one of my characters an older brother who looked like him and flirted with the idea of naming him fernando. what the fuckndjs

some other stuff probably happened but i forget. after all that, the dream switched to this sort of large room that served as an art gallery in this dream. it wasnt like a perfect white box, the ceiling of the room i remember had some tarp thing falling from it.

this was supposed to be a room in my school that was hosting a gallery for parents and other students to look at orante ceramic dinnerware. i am now realizing i forgot most of what happened in this but i think you could buy some of the items and me and my mom bought some. they were apparently very cheap. i then remember there was some sort of climax in the dream where someone got in troubke and my media teacher from last year??? came in and tried to settle it. i remember her standing on a giant car tire that was the room's centerpiece or something and doing some sort of balancing act on it.

then the dream's scene switched again, but i literally cannot recall anything from it. it was this deep sea environment and i was the like special magical spirit guide for this diver in this sea school thing and was telling him the thing was evil or something. i remember there was one of those taxidermy moose heads on a wall somewhere in the main corridor of the school (or maybe it was the basement?) and there was a fucking classroom assembly where all the diver students met or something and the teachers there were brainwashing them. i dont remember any of it but thats what i can recall.

overall, definitely a treat and a half to have drempt up. was an intruiging ass experience to say the least.

one last note. this dream was not written right after i had it because i fell right back asleep when i tried to do that (and then drempt up the latter half of it after). so its not fresh off my memory. but when i did attempt to write it down the first time. i put notes cause i could feel the need of sleep dragging me in again so in that moment in case i forgot anything notable. i think theyre funny so here they are:

  • milking jumping game
  • boyfriend
  • china thrift at school open house

august 22, 2023

edited 27/23

has the goofiest dream last night. it was a reocccuring dream, and i had something similar in concept prior a few months or even weeks ago. i was on like a pirate ship, but it was for some reason decorated as if it were a battlefield in a fighter game or something...i call it that because it was like a sidescrolling, 2d environment, and i didnt see the beings in this in any other angle. there was a giant skull in the middle of the ship and crystals of lilac, pink, and yellow gradient hues sticking out from the center part of the ship.

my friends on the ship asked me where i was and i forgot what i replied with. i just remember saying or thinking to my head that there would be "the biggest attack we'd ever see soon, i could feel it". i briefly remember this is because, again, i had a similar dream previously.

suddenly, an enemy pirate or something hopped onto our deck with no clear way how she hopped up. i vaguely remember her to have the appearance of that one bird pirate captain in the my little pony movie lol. she asked the crew if we were ready for something. everyone was scared and that about ends my memory for that part.

after, the scene changed and i was at this park thing, just like those public parks with a lot of trees is the best way to describe it. before me was this weird brick platform which wasn't a rectangle, but its border of brinks was arranged wobbly in a abstract shape and was like 5 brick layers tall or something. inside the brick layer was a patch of grass, where there were 5 artworks and 5 thick metal poles, three that i don't remember, but two i do. the art and poles alternated, and the art was arranged like it was accordian folded, alternating between one angle and another.

the first one was a drawing of a pond, it looks a lot like jackies blue hole in vanuatu, with a bunch of people that weren't colored in, only outlined in color, sitting by the edge of the lake, or sitting on the land that was raised a bit. one of them was supposed to me, but was drawn in a stylized way that looked a bit how i'd not draw me, but one of my characters???

the second painting was of a forest in a doodley style, colors purple blue and green. not much i can recall but i do remember these mushrooms at the bottom. they were purple and like those weeping mushrooms that i'm forgetting the name off. i said it was in a doodle style because it was drawn in a not stylized yet not overly cartoony style, and every element was decorated with squiggles, dots, abstract shapes, patterns etc.

there were big metal poles erected from the platform. they looked a bit like those "call 911" things in parks, again. but this time it was to vote for your favorite artwork, and there was this button you had to click. it was the same sort of button you see in museums to light up an exhibit or made a movie play, odd detail but maybe worth mentioning.

my friends i guess in this dream we're sat around the platform. one friend specifically resembled the appearance of one that i go to school with. not sure if friend is what i'd call them though but that applies to all my friends lololol. she was the one who had painted the mushroom forest, and i the one with the lake and the people.

she asked me who i was gonna vote for to win this hypothetical art competition. i didnt answer, i don't think, and instead asked if she actually really did paint the forest paining. she told me yes, and i don't remember if i felt in just awe or also a tinge for jealousy as well. in the end, she voted for my painting and i voted for hers. wonder what this says about me. important note is that our other brief conversation that i won't mention cause i'm too tired is that she was very peppy and nice, not really like the person in real life per say. apparently this was not a random interjection. i remember my heart was still heavy or nervous or something because of the pirate fight.

anyways, next scene we were back on the pirate plot. it was a battle of dragons each of our crews tamed. and....this is where it gets embarrassing, in those you dream about them but when you tell someone about it you realize how insane you sound kind of ways. the dragons would for some reason need to fight with burger toppings.....like lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, beef pattie's....i don't know.

the scene teleported to when the competition was about to begin, the captain of the other ship (my little pony movie bird girl) was giving a long ass speech on the competition. i don't remember if it was just i snuck out, or stopped time in some way, but i went to the "storage compartment" thing of the enemy ship and grabbed a bunch of their...burger materials. i picked out the biggest ones, because they were all scaled up but there were still ones bigger than the others, and when i got back, it was time to prepare the drags on i guess. i went down the deck, and showed my findings, secured in zip lock bags. apparently i was conscious of the fact i dreamed of this dream prior (where our crew lost lololol) and wanted to make sure we didn't loose this time, so i grabbed a bunch of...burger materials to fight well. that's when i woke up, because i was feeling genunine concern over the result of this burger dragon clash. that's all that happened.

august 21, 2023

the foggy remnants of the dream began with what looked like a blog post or something, the layout was like a tweet or something, a username, profile picture, and a link. in the perspective like was browsing my computer, i clicked it. it led to a 3d low poly rendered world that looked like a weird scene with silent hill characters? which is so weird because i've never played silent hill in my life. you could move around this render with the trackpad, and when i dragged left (like it was google maps or something) i saw a blue/teal colored recreation of new york city streets, in the same low poly style. there were a few blacked out people there, and you could zoom around and navigate like previously mentioned. may have been caused by my recent trip there or just because im working on my comic. wish i remembered more of the scene, cause in my dream it was quite vivid, and......even in the moment, i was hoping id remember so i could use it as reference for backgrounds in my comic LOL