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Fucking Around!?™

my experimental graphics, text-art, etc. all compiled into one place! i doubt anyone will given how messy most of them r, but please dont redistribute these images or whatever!!

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random visuals i made while fucking around with websites

maybe u can tell that i like messy, "anti-design" stuff ^_^ for everything i do visually, including my website, im trying to make it unique and less structured. everything but my art is pretty much where i want it to be stylistically.

i remember i used to want to be a graphic designer. now i want to be a jobless housewife who sells paintings in germany. but i still love graphic design and stuff and playing around with visuals. stretching out text to the point where it is unreadable, 1000 overlays, indecipherable components, wacky colors, are all things i wish to incorporate into the graphics i make in my free time/when im bored at school, no longer because i aspire to persue a job in such a field, but because i wanna fuck around!

"strawberry jams but my glock dont" design :3 i love strawverries

MADE IN: pixlr e
ugly fucking deer thing that i will redo one day

MADE IN: pixlr e
i forgot i made this! this is another deer graphic. i love it a lot ^_^

MADE IN: pixlr e
a weird album "poster" i made for red light by bladee...this was mostly just to practice with playing around with blend modes and light sources. whyyy did i have to use this font *_*

MADE IN: pixlr e
retro sticker type design?? for a shrine page that i have yet to release in the time of writing...think it looks a bit too "cheap replicativeish" of my inspiration but i still am ok with it!

MADE IN: photopea