about me

uranic any pronouns intp

hi! im fae & i create stuff on the internet. this is my personal site. aside from this though, i draw & listen to the same 2 playlists everyday.

im bad at writing about myself but if you look through this site youll surely come out with a detailed idea of who i am. i prefer me as a person remain anonymous (as in like...pictures of explicitly my face? i guess?) but my feelings and thoughts i tend 2 overhshare on. im currently a person ~1/8th into their predicted livespan living on the east coast and using the web as a way to express myself ^__^ enjoy exploring my wrld !!!

me as a person

im not entirely sure how id describe my personality. im shy and hate meeting new people or distant relatives/family friends, for example. but im very talkative and outgoing when im with people im close to, or just people i know wont care about my antics. i actively reshape my personality to fit with the kind of person/group im with in the moment, so i dont really know whats the "true me" or whatever.

i am a workaholic but lazy at the same time. i love doing visual stuff, so for school presentations, for exmaple, ill make sure to make the presentation all pretty, or just working on something im passionate about, like staying up to 3 working on art or a page on this site. but im really bad with deadlines, procrastination, or caring about things when my heart doesnt care for it or id rather be doing something else.

i also have big attachment issues and am kinda a hoarder. i collect cans; i cut the top off of them and use them as pencil holders. the desk/clothing drawer in my bedroom is home to all my cans, where ive sorted all the stationary of one color and put them in a can with the matching color.

all my pink pencils, markers, etc. are in this peach waterloo sparkling water can (i love this drink)(i might transfer the orange stationary into it though) and all the green stationary is put into this nice little grass jelly drink can, the side with the chinese characters facing the front because its more green real-estate than the english title. my collection is not yet complete.

i also collect the tabs on top. whenever i cut off the top or am just finished with a soda can in general, i push the tab down, then up again, then down till it breaks off and put it into this plastic gum container i just found on the floor at my school that i thought was a waste to just throw away. i hope to have enough to fill the container one day.

i just have a lot of...character inconsistencies?? sometimes im one thing, sometimes im the complete opposite. so, again, difficult for me to come with a solid conclusion to who i am.

dreams & aspirations

im not really a big dreamer, in my opinion. my main dream as of current is to be a self-sustaining person with a self-employed job and not a slave to the patriarchy. when im older, i also want to move to germany, or at least somewhere in west europe thats far from the fucking trash dump of a country i live in right now.

another dream i have is that i wanna go to risd or some other art school, maybe abroad in, well, germany. they probably have nice art schools. preferrably somewhere far from home, so i can restart my life.

adding onto my first expressed dream, i specifically just want to do commissions as a job. a pretty..optimistic dream in this economy, probably, but whatever yk. i just want to do a creative job that lets me do what i want and shit. i wanna be a unemployed housewife living in a nice house in berlin or leipzig, where i paint paintings and cook and clean and whatever. that sounds like a nice life.

china genderfluid strawberry

fun facts


nothings in here yet...

stuff i like

colors: all shades of green & most shades of pink & blue but it changes frequently!

animals: deer, sheep rabbits, & cats

flower: hollyhocks, lillies & good ol tulips ♡

season: fall

food: 80% of fruits

snack: taiwanese milk ball snack thing, hawthorn fruit rolls (not the flakes!!)

music genres: electronic/experimental, emo rap, cloud rap, hyperpop, ambient, dnb, occasional art pop, shoegaze, edm, trash shit

artists: gtbsbe (i talk about them a lot hahahahah), wicca phase springs eternal, twikipedia, d0llywood1, yabujin, aphex twin, meat computer, CFCF.......the smiths

songs: census designated + can you tell? - jane remover, waster - bladee, perfect violation - bladee + varg2tm

hobbies: tbh my only real hobbies are art and coding lollololool

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