collection of sites i have used for the creation of my site that may be of help for u too! resources with a purple hydrangea background means that i find these especially useful/use frequently. resources that have image/graphics will have examples 2 the right as to what youll find on there ^__^

NOTE: most images here are hotlinked atm from the og site, will fix soon!!


website w/ many resources! some of the things ive found most helpful is the collection of tiled backgrounds and the webmistress' webmaster guides

hekate / hekate2

background resources, 88x31 button makers, etc, and other resources linked within it!!

glitter graphics

a complilation of images, text generators, and more submitted by users


a compact carrd with a lot of tiny-medium pixels, code snippets (such as js text effects) and links 2 other resources as well


a collection of many mostly coding snippets. i find their collection of fonts helpful as well ^__^


a selection of coding snippets, fonts, and background images

image/gif complilations


gif compilation; a small but good selection!


special project of the internet archive w/ a bunch of images from old geocitites websites and stuff. literally my girlrfiend.


a lot of cute, mostly pixel assets (backgrounds, icons, and event fonts) made by the webowner themselves!

pixel safari

collection of many cute, mainly pixel borders, stamps, favicons, etc

betty's graphics

a VERY HELPFUL!! giant masterlist of lots of graphics (mainly gifs) of all sorts


a very cute, "softer" collection of pngs. many lace & doily graphics, perfect if you need more cutesy + desaturated images!


a collection of many "dated/bootleg/low quality" backgrounds uploaded by users.


VERY HELPFUL resource with many pretty backgrounds, borders, and graphics!! im particularly fond of their flower-patterned backgrounds & use this frequently


cute graphics, as well as clipart-esque thick-outline graphics, specifically themed around a bear character. often use their ball graphics as bullets for list styling


the sites all in dutch...but its a very large collection of images & gifs of all varieties/styles! may find some fun or goofy stuff in there


silly little graphics often featuring a doodly bear character & fonts, all made by the webowner.



website compling a bunch of tutorials for a myriad of coding languages. also my best friend


another website's which compiles lots of tutorials & references for many coding languages.


a coding editor helpful for previewing your coding. unfortunately, many features that would be helpful can only be accessed via a subscription. use it all the time anyways cause what can you do lololol


another coding editor, probably better for coding individual parts/components rather than something like a whole website

rv's free dhtml/js snippets

lots of fancy and fun coding javascript/dynamic html effects, from cursor sparkles 2 bubbles for your screen :3

image generators/editors

most of the images shown here are examples of the results these sites yield!

dither me this

a very handy image ditherer with a plethora of systems you can put your images through. you can probably spot these used as backgrounds in many places on this website!


a site that allows you to generate glitter text and add glitter overlays on images

tartan maker

a tartan (plaid/gingham) pattern generator, very helpful and great to generate custom patterns!!


essentially a free remake of photoshop, makes your computer fan spin like wild but decent enough if you dont want to pay for adobe lol!!!

blinkies cafe

a gallery of blinkies you can use on their own, as well as edit them to your liking (change text, font, size)

image hosting


a convinent image uploader with a short url for images and a 32 MB limit.

catbox / litterbox

two image uploaders ran by the same guy. catbox is for permanent image uploading & littlebox provides a space for temporary uploads, ranging from an 1hr to 3 days. convinent & allows uploads up to 200MB and most file types.

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