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Fae's Weird Aquarium Materials

inspired by wolf on the web and dokodemo and an extension of the aquarium on my home page, this is my collection of stuff to help make ur own aquarium! credit is optional, since i dont really feel like this is original work from me (this is just me taking assests from sites and doing minimal coding then smashing it all into one..i dont deserve credits 4 this lol) but if you really want to sure!! if ur looking for places to find more images, heres a link to websites with resources ive gathered (jk i havent made it yet but ill link it here soon)

additionally, if any images are hotlinked (aka when you see the image url, it has my website's url in the front), please save the image 2 ur own server/dashboard ☺!! itll put less stress onto my website since my server will still be the one hosting the image. thanks !!! better explanation for why hotlinking is generally bad

calling this a "materials" catelog and not a tutorial because i feel its more appropriate :p


base css:

base html:

4 these tanks, add the css from above too!!






water backgrounds

coral, algae, decor

making fish move

basically just a marquee tutorial... wip, heres a useful resource

marquee from left

(you can also just not use the direction attribute if ur making the fish move left because thats just the default!)

marquee from right

fish speed

using the scrollamount attribute (theres probably a better way to do this but whatever) you can change the speed of your fish! the bigger the number, the faster your fish will go!

slow speed

normal speed

fast speed

other directions include: down (start from the bottom of the marquee & move up), up (start from the top of the marquee & move down), and alternate (bounce against the walls of the marquee)