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Welcome to faegardens333! forever incomplete, this site is the amalgomation of everything i love and whatever i want, and is my place to express & create. part shitshow, part an attempt to make something pretty, anything goes

What does "faegardens333" mean? im not sure. i just liked the sound of it, how it was weirdly long it was funny, and i just really like the number 3! maybe take it as if this is a garden of my thoughts to grow in, and i guess what i make is the result

A word on v5...

For this homepage version, I used stripped back the complexity a ton. The design was inspired by html only/early css 2000s sites & also flip phone ui, combined with a dash of my own personal taste & modern css capabilities.


my piclog


⛋ - in progress

  • dark mode on all pages
    • it will take yrs but lets go
  • make all 2000 art pages and finish them
    • text art
    • school doodles
    • traditional art
    • art "blog"? like place for me to show wips and vent my frustrations type deal
  • make guide page & make guides
    • fallback fonts
    • screensize responsiveness
  • finish charcter pages
  • make all pages mobile responsive
  • finish this page kek
  • soo many shrines
    • fix up bladee shrine (update to fit my current accessibility standards, make more organized, optimize, etc) [WIP]
    • strawberry shrine
    • add more 2 lps popular shrine
    • power shrine ?? AND NOW MAKE IT SEXIERA BRUHHHH
  • update site archive page
  • finish coolshit page

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tune im into very much right now ♪


very nice and cool song. its like healing.


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Changes made
+3 new additions to art junk page
+entry to blog page
Created blog page
index v4 live! started changelog (2nd in this site's lifetime)
feeling my current imood